Thank you for becoming a member of our church



We are blessed that you want to join us to praise God in worship and in building up His kingdom! Medhane Alem Ge'ez rite Eritrean Catholic church. Each Sunday we celebrate Mass in Ge'ez, exemplifying again the beauty of our tradition and culture that finds unity in our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

As you get settled, we hope that you will find your place among us and choose to be an active member in our community. Foremost on our minds is the hope that you will give added attention to your own personal relationship with Jesus and your commitment to the growth of that relationship. Perhaps now is a good time for a personal inventory: Who is Jesus to you? Who first told you about Him? What do you believe about Him and what does He do for you?

It may be that God wants you to increase your knowledge of Him and His Son, Jesus. Many adult Eritrean Catholics have yet to further their understanding of God and their Catholic faith, relying instead on what they learned in elementary, secondary, and high school. You are invited to take advantage of the adult education experiences offered at our church as a means to further your knowledge of God and your relationship with Him. There are also many opportunities available for our children and youth.

Consider that everything we have, indeed all that we are, comes from God -- His gift to us. We recognize that He has entrusted this planet, our lives, our families, and our faith in His Son, to us and we are His stewards. We are called to practice good stewardship: to care for that which He has given us and to share it, especially with those in need. How has God blessed you and how is God asking you to share those gifts with others - with your family, your co-workers, and your church family? Let us seek to give God our best, the first fruits of ourselves - the first portion of our time, our talents and our treasure.

Please call on us if we can help you in any way and may God's blessings be upon you and your family!